The Canarsie Ascend Team

Message from the School Director


Dear Families,


I look forward to working with you to fulfill our vision of educational excellence for every scholar. Your support is crucial to our success. Research has revealed a clear link between family involvement and academic performance, and we seek to leverage that power to realize each child's full potential.


Thank you again for choosing Canarsie Ascend. We have an exciting and productive year ahead of us!



Anastasia Michals

School Director


School Leadership Team


                           Justin Moorman


Justin Moorman joined the CALS team in 2019, serving as the Dean of Instruction and Culture, a Resident  Director, the Principal in Residence and currently, as the Principal. Prior, he has worked in international education  reform in the United Arab Emirates as a teacher, an instructional leader, and a district-level consultant. Additionally, he was a contributing author to OECD's "Teaching for the Future." Prior, Mr. Moorman was awarded First Year Teacher of the Year for Charlotte-Mechkenburg School District. He previously taught 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. He obtained his B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and his M.A. in Educational Leadership from Concordia University. He holds a Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership from Harvard GSE. Mr. Moorman is committed to scholar excellence and empowerment through transformative equitable and inclusive practices.

                        Assistant Principal/Principal in Residence

                           Brittany Harper




Brittany Harper joined the CALS team in 2019, serving as a Dean of Instruction and Culture, an Assistant Principal and is currently serving the CALS community as the Principal in Residence. Ms. Harper has her Bachelor of Arts in Adolescence Social Studies Education and her Master of Science in Special Education. Before joining the Canarsie Ascend Lower School team, Ms. Harper served scholars here in Brooklyn at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School and Achievement First North Brooklyn Prep Elementary School as a teacher, department chair, and instructional leader. Additionally, she served as a school liaison between district and charter schools in the NYC area. Ms. Harper is committed to ensuring all scholars receive the education they deserve.




                             Assistant Principal

                       Chatia Hill



           Ms. Chatia Hill joined the CALS team in 2017, serving as a Grade 4 ICT teacher. Ms. Hill was soon after                   promoted to the Grade 2 Dean of Instruction and Culture, in addition to managing our specials and                       science teams. Ms. Hill is currently the Assistant Principal for Grades 3-4. Ms. Hill has her Bachelors in                     Communications and her Masters in General and Special Education (1-6). Before joining the CALS team,               Ms. Hill served scholars in lower elementary at Success Academy. Ms. Hill is commited to ensuring that                  every scholar gets the education that they deserve.

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